About Ghana Gold Expo

The Ghana Gold Expo is an initiative by the Western Regional Coordinating Council and Viewtag-Ghana Gold Expo as a policy advocacy body focused mainly on Promoting Zero Mercury (Responsible Gold Production) in local mining, and providing a platform to advance against the application of the deadly chemical in mining in accordance with the Minamata Convention on Mercury and Gold trade traceability. We are strategically positioned to provide insights into central bank gold reserves optimization, and policies that help the bank of Ghana to consider gold as liquid asset for its foreign reserve management.

With the support of the President of Ghana, H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo through the Western Regional Coordinating Council and with the partnership and support of international agencies like Aurum Monaco, Forbes Monaco, UN Environments Branch, Swiss Better Gold Association, 4bird Company, and all other stakeholders in the mining industry across the globe, the Ghana Gold Expo organized its maiden expo in March 2020, in Takoradi which saw the participation of 1,080 attendees from over 25 countries, with 20 Exhibitors, 300 Mining Executives, 250 Small Scale Miners, 10 gold refineries, 150 Investors and over 100 Government Representatives

Mining has become a controversial business in the country in the past years. Issues of mining are in the wake because of the increasing demands for mineral products and diminishing nature of such minerals across the globe. This seemingly opportunity for developing countries like Ghana which have mineral deposits comes with its accompanying repercussions. As such, there have been various efforts by stakeholders in curbing some of the challenges in the industry and positioning the sector as less controversial to investors. It is in this regard that Ghana Gold Expo will be holding the first ever Mining Week in the country. This comes after the successful organization of Gold Expo in 2020 and the various recommendations that came during the Expo.

  • Mining Policy Forum – 1st July, 2021 
  • Diplomatic Mining Field Trip – 2nd July, 2021

The first part of the week will host stakeholders in the Mining Sector in Ghana and all over the world to discuss the sector into details. From large scale, through Artisanal Small-scale, investors, government officials, global policy makers, and expert speakers the forum will create a platform for advancing the scope of the mining industry. 

A very important part of the week celebration is that of the field trip for the diplomatic community in Ghana. Though the sector is a major contributor of the Ghanaian Economy, the sector in the past years has reduced in rank on the investment attractiveness index. To reposition and create a positive brand awareness of the sector to the International community, we seek to take the diplomatic community on a tour to the Western Region, the mineral resource region of the country. For instance, countries like China, USA, India, UK, Australia, Columbia, South Africa, UAE and others are major players in the global mining industry, and providing a platform for envoys from these countries to understand the mining sector will help in improving the sector’s investment attractiveness. 

  • Large Scale Mining Site Visit
  • Small Scale Mining Site Visit
  • A visit to a Destructed Water Body


  • Enlightening the diplomatic community on the various activities of the mining industry in Ghana.
  • Creating awareness of the sector’s investment opportunities and challenges
  • An opportunity for the Foreign Envoys to tour the Western Region
  • An opportunity for a collaborative effort in ensuring Responsible Mining. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration being the principal organ of state responsible both administratively and executively for the initiation, formulation, co-ordination and management of Ghana’s Foreign Policy, makes it the best institution to partner in other to accomplish this vision.

In as much as the Ghana Gold Expo has various strategic partners locally and internationally, it cannot execute this field trip successfully without the involvement of the Ministry. Considering the mandate of the ministry and the experience and expertise of Ghana Gold Expo in the Mining Sector, it will be beneficial for the two to come together to create an improved international brand for the Mining Sector.