Dr Olivier

Dr Linossier Olivier

President of the EURASIA INDUSTRIES Group

Holding a PHD in High Energy Physics, Dr Linossier worked as a post doc physicist at Harvard University, before launching his own I.T. start-up in 1998 in Switzerland.

After a successful exit in 2000, Dr Linossier created OLICORP, a technology company that became world leader in the domain of process control for the production of PET Bottles. From 2005, he also developed a financial/industrial group, aiming to promote the emergence of green technologies industries in Europe, Russia and Asia: The EURASIA INDUSTRIES Group. Since then, the non-sustainable activities have been frozen, while the group participated in the development of various Global Value Chains linking emerging countries to industrial countries.

Since 2015, still head of the EURASIA INDUSTRIES Group, he is largely involved in sustainable development activities, supporting various NGOs, advising countries, and investing in ethical businesses.  Strong efforts have been put onto mining activities which are often a key but sensitive resource in frontier countries.

In order to support this development efficiently and favour the direct contact between miners , a mining division, OLIMINING Global LTD, has been established in Hong Kong in 2019.

Dr Linossier has also a strong experience working with post conflict countries in Central Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and participated in various reconstruction programs.


Aligning artisanal mining practices with international standards is a key challenge to ease the access of local communities to the international market.

From experience acquired in Afghanistan and Colombia in several mining sectors, we are now implementing various tools and procedures aiming to enforce traceability and to improve mining practices in order to comply with environmental standards.

Our organization prioritises the ASM sector, combining commercial activities and development activities. This unique approach, relying on existing traditional local authorities (villages and chieferies) as well as NGOs, as an efficient method to deploy our networks over a large number of artisanal mines.

While Olimining is takes care of establishing logistics chains, financial tools and a traceability system, the NGOs implement better practices and help miners to join either a cooperative or a legal system.

A strong attention is paid to mining practices.  Through very small investment it is possible to replace former mercury treatment solutions with safe and modern amalgamation techniques. This transition has been a notable success in Colombia. With fair remuneration and better working conditions, communities can safely develop other promising activities including agriculture and craft.

Our presentation will describe the overall concept, how it has been applied in Afghanistan and Colombian, and how it is now deployed in Guinea.

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