Ankoma Foundation launches “BookAid Initiative”

Ankoma Foundation, a non-profit organization in Ghana has launched a ‘BookAid Initiative’ which is under the auspices of the organisation to donate books written by Ghanaian authors for young people in school.

Booked initiative, which has its main aim of providing free books to enhance the reading skills of Ghanaian youth and help them perform well in school, was launched at the Amadu Palace in Jamestown.

Hon Hanny-Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Fisheries and Acquaculture Development, in her opening remarks as the Chairperson for the event advised the children to imbibe the habit of reading more books to help develop new words to improve their academic standard.

She urged the teachers to always make the books donated by the Ankoma Foundation available for the children to read and also assist them to understand big words the children come across while reading.

Hon Ayittey therefore congratulated the Ankoma Foundation for such great course and urged parents to also play a key role in promoting the reading habit of their children; hence taking them through reading them when they come home from school.

Mr John Mensah Annan, reading a speech on behalf of the Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) commended Mr and Mrs Ankoma, founder of the organization and Mr Steven Ackah, initiator of the ‘BookAid initiative’ for their great contribution towards the improvement of reading skills among the Ghanaian youth.

“I am indeed proud of Mr Steven Ackah, the initiator and co-author of the books to be donated, a young man with great initiative and youthful exuberance. I hope the efforts of this young Ghanaian will serve as a source of motivation for all other people who have other initiatives to come out and glow”, he added.

Mr Annan explained that reading is one of the major skills a learner needs to progress academically; hence, every initiative and effort at providing an intervention or embarking on an outreach programme to assist learners to have access to resources for reading has to be embraced and commended.

“As I speak, GES is receiving support from USAID for a 5-year Education project to improve basic education policy and management systems for sustainable learning outcomes with emphasis on reading” he added.

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